Finally we’re about ready to go live and we’d really like to get people’s opinions about what we’ve done so far and to ask for any suggestions about how we could improve the site in the future. There are plenty of things already on our TODO list, so please have a quick look at what’s already planned before adding your own suggestions.


TODO (in no particular order)

  • Get more holiday details from different providers.
  • Simplified version for mobile and low-memory browsers.
  • More cross-browser testing.
  • Helpful content about things to do & places to see.
  • Owner area to allow accommodation owners to add & update their details.
  • Text search.
  • Store favourite holidays for people to make a short-list.
  • Add maximum price to search.
  • Let people remove holidays they don’t like and other similar holidays from the map.
  • Distance based search.
  • Driving directions.